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Welcome to the H.A.R.P. For Healthy Families website! H.A.R.P. For Healthy Families started as H.A.R.P. Cameron County, founded by Mrs. Kelly Simpson-Crawford, LMFT, under the umbrella of Active Relationships Center, as a Health Marriage Initiative federal grantee. H.A.R.P. Cameron County was one of 125 Marriage Education grants awarded by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Administration for Children and Families. Through a five-year grant to serve Cameron County During the grant period (2006-2011), the program provided marriage and relationship education workshops to over 5,000 participants, including youth, engaged couples, married couples, married individuals, singles, and mentor/mentee couples. According to the formal evaluations conducted semi-annually by the Baylor University School of Social Work, the project “exceeded benchmarks in outputs and produced significant outcomes.”

The end goal of the project was to evolve into it’s own self-sustaining, community-based grassroots organization. As a result, H.A.R.P. for Healthy Families was established as a separate non-profit in 2008 to expand services and continue H.A.R.P. Cameron County’s mission. Since its inception, the agency has been awarded state and local funding for several healthy marriage education programs, always staying faithful to the original mission: To strengthen existing marriages, prepare those considering marriage, or help those who are not married and who have children together establish stable co-parenting relationships for their children. In addition, preparing youth to make healthy, wise choices for their future with important conflict resolution, emotion management and vital communication skills for healthy relationships is also an important part of our mission. H.A.R.P. For Healthy Families will continue to expand services and resources through a culturally competent, community-supported, multi-dimensional delivery system for healthy relationship and life-skills education for geographically diverse populations from adolescents to mature individuals. Although the Hispanic population was the primary target group for the federal grant, H.A.R.P. For Healthy Families welcomes anyone from the community seeking to strengthen their relationships and life-skills. Programs are offered in both English and Spanish, please check the calendar to find more information about upcoming workshops and events.

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Marriage Initiative Fact Sheet
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HARP’s Mission
HARP’s mission is to empower families by offering educational classes and events to build happy, healthy relationships.

Main Curricula

Active Communication

(for couples)

Active Money Personalities

(for couples)

Active Romance & Intimacy

(for couples)

Active Living

(for couples and singles)

Active Choices

(for dating and
engaged couples)


(for young adults)

Active Adults

(parent track)

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