Classes for Couples

     "Active Communication"
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Currently offered in Cameron County, this 8-16 hour workshop is an opportunity to learn as a couple tools to communicate and to solve differences in a respectful way.

  • Learn to work as a team and to re-connect with that feeling you had when you first fell in love (even if you think you have lost it forever).
  • Bond and connect in a way that will keep your relationship fresh.
  • Learn to talk about everything, from deep concerns to what happened during your day, to deepen your understanding of yourself and your partner.
  • Learn to be S.M.A.R.T and talk about issues in a nice way.
A fun and practical program, participants love it!

Men tend to especially enjoy this workshop because it is logical, structured, have a foreseeable endpoint and because it is not shame or blame oriented.

     "Active Money Personalities"
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Currently being offered in Cameron County-check out our calendar

This 12-16 hour exciting seminar were you can learn about yourself and your ways of thinking when it comes to money.

  • Explore issues like where do your ideas about money come from and how do they affect the way you manage your family’s finances today.
  • Learn what is your money personality type and the strengths and weaknesses of that type.
  • Couples can learn a common language and communication tools to discuss differences in a safe and respectful manner.
This seminar goes beyond budgets, reminding us that it is not necessarily the money, but the way we communicate about money that can make finances a problem in our relationship.

It involves fun, humor, practical exercises and coaching to promote a feeling of having truly accomplished valuable progress as intimate partners who are a team.

     "Active Romance & Intimacy"
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Classes NOW AVAILABLE *Keep posted for dates--- if you have attended the Active Communication and Active Money Personalities, you and your partner are eligible to attend this seminar at a free weekend retreat on South Padre Island!!! (Limited availability)

When we talk about our expectations and issues they don’t get resolved and can cause problems in an otherwise wonderful relationship. During our dating time, romance and intimacy are a source of pleasure and connection that enhance the relationship. When romance and intimacy start to decrease or become automatic because of the stresses of life, work, children and lack of communication, we little by little begin to feel distant, unloved and even resentful. Making romance and intimacy a priority in our relationship can keep us connected at the deepest level and will make other issues in our relationships easer to deal with.

This weekend seminar can help to open communication lines about things we have forgotten to talk about.

  • It will point out the differences between men and women to help us understand our partner’s needs better and teaches us how to meet those needs.
  • It encourages the establishments of habits that will make our partners feel loved and understood.
  • It is lighthearted, fun and, of course, romantic.
  • It allows couples to stay in their comfort zone and gives them free time to put into practice privately the tools they have learned.
  • Find your love again, and if you haven’t lost it, learn tools that will make it last forever.

     "Active Living" (for couples and singles)

Active Living to make love last is a seminar teaching you to establish traditions that are fun and help you become closer, physically and emotionally.

Couples that enjoy this deeper connection have smart, passionate, enjoyable and lasting relationships.

This seminar seeks to set up the ideas to allow you to think "outside the box" to create easy, fun traditions that ensure the bonds that initially connect you to others are maintained and enhanced over the years rather than lost and forgotten.

Some points to consider:
  • Research suggests that couples/families who have daily and other consistent traditions are far more likely to have successful, lasting relationships.
  • Being intentional to keep love alive is absolutely necessary to maintain the chemistry, friendship, sense-of-adventure and the sharing of each other’s worlds.
  • This seminar also examines your common goals and your mission as a couple, making it more likely that together you can continue to achieve your individual aspirations for a great life!
  • You don’t want to look back later in life and say you could have, but just didn’t.
  • Take care of yourself and your needs and protect your family-by creating the glue that fosters those connections!

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