EVENTS: Play "I Do... Most of The Time"

Hilarious! Fun! Educational! Moving!

Hilarious! Fun! Educational! Moving! All these are adjectives used by the media, public officials and many others who attended H.A.R.P.’s original comedy "I Do... Most of the Time". This innovative marriage education tool is a comedy written by famous playwright Rick Najera for H.A.R.P. Cameron County couples about Cameron County couples. More than twice the projected number of attendees enjoyed the hilarious comedy and were exposed, most for the first time, to marriage education as something safe, fun and unobtrusive.

The setting on stage is a pretend marriage workshop classroom where couples "do the funny things that couples do" which are totally normal! The dialogue that ensues takes the audience on an emotional journey, much like they would in an actual workshop.

Rick Najera is an award-winning writer-director-producer and actor with credits in film, television and Broadway. Najera, one of the nation’s most influential Latinos with writing credits including A Day Without a Mexican, LATINOLOGUES™ on Broadway, and television comedies such as MAD TV and In Living Color has given the play to the Cameron County community to perform in subsequent years! As a matter of fact, during Cameron County’s first ever Marriage Week, several organizations throughout the county showed a DVD of the play that was filmed, produced and provided for them by H.A.R.P. CC.

If you are an organization or know of an organization that is interested in showing or performing this educational comedy give us a call. We will provide everything you need, including technical assistance, props, etc. to anyone in Cameron County interested in performing the play or showing the DVD.!

Call our office for more information (956) 544-7165

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