EVENTS: Marriage Week

As part of H.A.R.P.’s mission of "Building Strong Marriages for Healthy Families" this year HARP introduced a new concept to Cameron County - "Marriage Week". For the first time ever, Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. officially proclaimed the week of Valentine’s "Marriage Week" for citizens of Cameron County.

Marriage Week was started in 1996, in the U.K. -the brainchild of Richard Kane. In the U.K. it’s called "National Marriage Week". "Marriage Week USA" was launched in Feb 2002 by Smart Marriages co-chairs, Brent Barlow and Diane Sollee and is now celebrated in communities across the nation.

Every year during Valentine’s season, Cameron County will be celebrating their "Marriage Week" to honor marriage, as the cornerstone of healthy families. During this special week H.A.R.P. offers FREE special events and workshops to all Cameron County residents for lifetime love!

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