Welcome Leaders!!

If you are already part of HARP and serve as a leader this page was created specially for you! In this page you will find:
  • Tips, ideas and new ways to make your workshop fun!
  • EASY access to workshop forms - ready to print
  • Information on upcoming events and professional trainings
  • Access to our picture gallery
And much more, keep on visiting us and let us know how we can help you!

Future Leaders:

HARP offers Community Leadership Opportunities:
  • Do you have a passion for helping others?
  • Do you wish the best for Cameron County Families?
  • Do you have teaching experience and enjoy public speaking?
  • Do you have experience in social services or faith-based organizations?
H.A.R.P. offers you the opportunity to serve your community through our professional certification programs. You can be a part of this wonderful Project as a certified facilitator for any of our relationship enrichment workshops.

Certification Trainings equip Cameron County Community LEADERS to teach classes for couples — to strengthen couples’ skills for successful marriages that are safe, healthy, joyful and lasting!

Chosen leaders will be provided FREE training and will be provided FREE textbooks for participants. After completing the certification process, these community leaders will also receive a stipend for classes offered through this Cameron County federally funded project!

H.A.R.P. is dedicated to the belief that we can build safe, strong, lasting families by educating couples with evidence-based "how to’s" of great relationships.

To schedule an interview to apply to be a HARP leader, please download this Leader Registration Form and call 956.544.7165 or email admin@harpcc.com

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