HARP classes for your agency or organization?

To schedule a PREVIEW PRESENTATION for staff or to receive a PACKAGE about HARP’s programs contact: Perla Garza (956) 544-7165
1601 E. Alton Gloor Blvd., Bldg A, Brownsville, Texas

To refer an agency client: fill out our "Referring Agency" form and Fax to (956) 544-7158, or email:

Three options for agencies and organizations to receive HARP services:
  1. Refer your clients to HARP’s free classes! Just contact us and we will meet you to discuss how HARP’s free programs can serve you in serving your clients! (Help your clients sign up for HARP classes.) ... OR

  2. Ask HARP to offer a program at your site especially for your clients! (A certified HARP leader can provide a class for clients at your agency!) ... OR

  3. Send staff members to become certified HARP professional leaders. (Once certified, your staff can offer HARP classes to your clients. Be part of the outreach with HARP!)

H.A.R.P. offers these programs for healthy relationships:

H.A.R.P. Cameron County offers FREE classes to YOUTH, SINGLES, DATING, ENGAGED and LONG-TERM couples! Through our fun and skills-based classes we help prepare people to build GREAT, healthy, happy relationships with at school, at work, and especially with loved ones at home!

  • For Students and Youth: A.R.Y.A. (12 sessions for ages 13 and up)

  • For Single Adults: Active Adults (12 sessions about communication, money, romance, & traditions)

  • For Parents: Active Adults (Use this program for Parent Involvement Classes or use it for classes for parents while their youth take the ARYA class at the same time in another room!)

  • For engaged, dating couples and for singles who want to know more about relationship skills for their future: Active Choices
      ***This class may qualify you to have part of your Marriage License Fee waived after attending!

  • Classes especially for Couples (any or all of 4 different programs!):
        • Active Communication
        • Active Money Personalities
        • Active Romance & Intimacy
        • Active Living

  • Date your Mate programs (HARP offers 2 different programs!):

        • 10 Great Dates (Watch a video series and follow it with a great
          date together!)

        • Couples Talk Time (Successfully married couples and newly married
          couples sharing what works in healthy, happy relationships!)

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